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Product Usage Tips

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Pure pigment mica powders come in 3 gr. jars and contain no fillers or dyes.  These powders require a medium to bind to your surface.  Mix varnish with the powders for a metallic glow.  Mix powder with inks, gel glaze, protecting wax, paint, gel medium and any other medium for very interesting metallic color.  Be sure to varnish after applying these mixes to your gourd art.  Heat Set the Stamp and Stick Glue/Heat Activated Glue for the best coverage of the powders especially if you choose not to mix with a medium.

This “Authentic Metal Powder” is ultra fine powdered metal, similar to metal leaf products except in powdered form. The essence of this versatile product is its ability to give you the true look of metal in any medium you wish to mix it with. True metal powders have a brilliance that cannot be achieved with Mica Powders. If left unsealed, Brass, Copper and Bronze will patina or oxidize and give a rich antique look to your art. Metallic powders can be mixed with wax to highlight your art or mix with varnish to paint on surfaces to change the finish. For example, inexpensive metal surface color scan be altered to the look of another metal color by adding the choice of powder and varnish together. Since you are using pure metal particles, your surface will be very strong with colorant once cured at least 24 hours, a very strong finish.

These powders can be annealed in the oven, no more than 300 degrees for 5 minutes and with surfaces that won’t burn or melt.  1 oz containers…Avoid inhalation and use in adequate ventilation. Wash hands after use.  Keep away from heat and flames and avoid contact with eyes.

Protecting Wax is a high quality and durable finish. It won’t crack, chip, fade or yellow. It is a lovely finish and acts as a water repellent barrier. Perfect for Gourd art wood, walls, leather, paper arts and so much more. Add pigment powders, and inks to color the wax. Apply with a soft cloth or your finger, wait 5 minutes and buff for a beautiful luster.  Mix with ink dyes for colored wax or mix with Accent Powders to create metallic wax for highlighting.  Can be melted for Batik and other Wax art techniques. 

Cloisonné embossing powder is a large granule embossing powder with a beautiful raised metallic finish once it is melted using the heat tool.  Apply Heat Activated or also called Stamp and Stick Glue to any surface, sprinkle the embossing powder over the glue, tap off the excess back into the jar, and apply heat with heat tool until you see it has changed to an enamel finish.  You can highlight with metallic wax if desired and heat again the embossing powder for a few seconds for the wax to bake into the surface.  Varnish your gourd and embossing powder for a strong, durable finish.  You can mix your own colors to create new embossing colors.

Palette Stamp and Stick Glue Refill or also called Heat Activated Glue is the perfect product for adhering Metal Leaf, Glitter, Accent Powders, Chalks and Embossing Powders to your surface.  The Glue pad is already wet with glue and the refill is to replace your depleted glue in time.  Use the refill with a paint brush for intricate areas, you must heat set until the glue is no longer shiny, it will be sticky to accept your dry mediums.  When applied to your Gourd, it will not scratch off but REMEMBER TO HEAT SET THIS GLUE.  IT IS NOT INTENDED TO GLUE ITEMS TOGETHER BUT TO GRAB AND ADHERE THE ABOVE MENTIONED MEDIUMS. This glue is acceptable for all surfaces.

A must have to enhance your gourd art, rubberstamping, decorative frames, leather, tin, metal, glass and about every surface.  Stamp and Stick glue/Heat Activated Glue is necessary for leaf to adhere.  Use glue pad with rubberstamping, or use the refill with a paint brush for intricate areas, heat set with heat tool and then apply leafing.  Use a sponge brush to remove the loose leafing and save every piece until all used up.  It is recommended to varnish over the leaf to seal and protect.  REMEMBER TO HEAT SET THE GLUE UNTIL NO LONGER SHINY AND IT WILL BE STICKY SO LEAFING WILL ADHERE.

Makin’s Clay is an air dry clay that requires no baking.  I have many years of experience using this clay for so many different projects such as jewelry, gourd art, placing feathers on my gourds and so much more.  Please follow my tips so you can enjoy the use of this clay with no waste or throwing away because it got hard before you can use it up.  Tip #1…Open cardboard container and inside you will have sealed clay.  DO NOT REMOVE THIS PLASTIC COVER……..Cut the desired slice of clay with scissors and put that clay in a baby wipe and set aside…..cover the open cut clay with the thickness of two baby wipes and then put into a plastic bag with a good seal right away…..Do this every time you cut another piece of clay and it will never dry out.  You can now use the piece you cut but you have a short window of time to create with this clay as starts to set really fast.  Attach the clay to a surface with tacky glue and allow it to air dry and to cure in 24 hours.  You can paint over it, use metallic wax and Memories Inks on the white, it will take the color like your gourd surface.  Varnish when you complete your art on the clay.

This medium is added to a water-based paint, glaze, varnish, gel medium or ink to slow drying time or to properly dilute a thickened product. Start with one drop at a time because a drop goes a long way. It also lightens your color slightly so test it before adding to your art. Non-toxic and soap and water clean-up.  At this time this product is no longer available.

Gel Medium is a thick, white gel that dries clear. Dries quickly and can be used as a sealer over dyes, inks, paints and etc. It adds texture to your surface and may be applied with a brush, foam brush, pallet knife, trowel or even your fingers. Mix with inks, metallic paints and colorants or dyes. You can paint it on or stencil onto clothing and textiles, allow 48 hours to cure before machine washing. It is beautiful on glass especially when adding colorants or a metallic pigment, layering your colors presents such an interesting finish. Create a brush stroke effect over an image or art on canvas, creating an oil painted look. Gel Medium can be used on virtually any surface and Gourd Art as well. Add to Acrylic Paints to create perfect dots.

Polyurethane Varnish Indoor/Outdoor offers a durable, non-yellowing, non-toxic and water resistant finish to your art.  It repels water and chemicals, offering a strong protection to your art.  I recommend using a cosmetic sponge to apply your varnish to prevent transferring colors of ink dyes on your gourd.  If using for outdoors, refresh your varnish once a year to keep it strong against the elements. Clean up with soap and water.

This wood texture and filler is a high quality art product and can be used on every surface. You can mix colorants for colored texture. Add Maria’s Polyurethane Varnish for the flexibility and to make this product adhere to your surface for a texture effect. You can sand, stain, paint, cut and drill into this surface once dried. Air dries quickly depending on the thickness applied and a heat tool will quicken the drying time. You can also use this straight from the jar as a wood filler for cracks and holes. Perfect for All art and Gourd Art. If texture appears to be drying in the jar, simply add some water or extender medium, mix well and it will be moist again. Soap and Water Clean-up, non-toxic and contains no VOC’s.

Memories Ink Dyes are perfect for Gourd Art and so much more.  Apply to your gourd with a small piece of felt, 1″ cube applicator, q-tip or micro brush.  Heat set and varnish.  You can learn more details in my book;”New Gourd Art with Ink Dyes” by Maria Dellos.

These inks are permanent, acid free, fade resistant and are archival safe.

Mini Metallic Rub-On can be used as accent, highlight or as a full coverage media. Use on Heavy Card Stock, Gourd Art, Glossy Paper, Clay, Wood Metal, Ceramic and other hard craft surfaces. Great for home decor, stenciling, frames and so much more.  Acid-Free and Non-Toxic. Keep out of reach of children.  To move the color or blend with each other, use a drop of paint thinner on a q-tip.

Create a marble-like finish with wisps of textured color on many surfaces including gourd art.  Use one or more color over a contrasting base color to achieve a variety of effects.  I recommend you use a foam board designated to spray your art and go outside to spray.  The webbing spray can go much further than you think and can spray places you don’t want to spray so consider this when using this spray.  Shake can before and while spraying so you get a lighter and more even spray.

Crackle is an opaque texture that will cover any surface including dented, scratched or blemished gourd surfaces in one easy-to-apply coat.  Thickness of application determines size of crackle. As adhesion qualities are affected when crackle products are formulated, it is suggested to paint the surface with Black acrylic paint first, and when the surface is dry, apply the crackle over the surface.  Crackle dries to a hard crackled finish.  You can apply just about any product over this crackle to enhance the effect.  Soap and water clean-up when wet, non-toxic.  Be sure to clean your tools immediately after use.  Use Colored  Wax, acrylic paints  and much more to enhance a beautiful finish. Always add Maria’s Polyurethane Varnish for a final protective finish.

Memories Mist Spray is a combination of the wonderful permanent ink dyes and a secret ingredient that makes it a mist spray.  Can be used on all surfaces especially gourd art.  Mist sprays will dry quickly on paper and fabric but a little slower on less porous surface so it is recommended to heat set.  Great for Gourd Art,  Scrapbooking,  card making, home decor and so much more.  Be sure to create a safe area for misting your surface so it doesn’t spray in unwanted areas. A water-based, non toxic product in a 2 fl. oz. spray bottle. Permanent Color, Acid Free and Fade Resistant Be sure to heat set and use a cosmetic sponge when using varnish.

At this time Mist Sprays are not available. 

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